The Extra Vote was a twist introduced in Survivor: Generation Gap. It allows players to vote twice in one Tribal Council, potentially shifting the vote balance.


A player would typically receive an extra vote at a prize challenge, such as the Survivor Auction. This vote can be played until there are only five contestants left. The player that owns it may vote another player twice or vote two separate people. It will be counted as any other vote. However, this also means that this vote can still be nullified by a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Extra Vote HistoryEdit

This list contains all castaways who had used their Hidden Immunity Idol(s) at a time that they would have been eliminated/tied for having the highest votes if they had not played it, eliminating the castaway with the next highest number of votes.

Season Episode Castaway
Extra Voter Voted For Eliminated
Generation Gap "My Tyler Perry Idol" S10 Sam O.
Sam O.
Alvard N.Alvard N.
Alvard, Alvard
S10 Sam O.

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