Mike R. is the runner-up of Survivor: Greece.

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Survivor: GreeceEdit

Challenges Competed InEdit

Tribe Push (won)
Karma Twins (won)
Spam Wars (lost)
Printscreen (lost)
Titular Titles (won)
Sumo Showdown (won)
Match 'Em Up (lost)
Jump the Gun (lost)
Spill the Beans (lost)
Categories (won)
Postal Service (lost)
Fantastic Flags (lost)
Code Junkies (lost)
Survivor Pyramid (won)

Voting HistoryEdit

Mike R.'s Voting History
Episode Mike R.'s
Voted Against
Mike R.
1 Eurus Tribe Immune
2 Eurus Tribe Immune
3 Stuart Ray
No Vote
4 Nolan -
5 Notus Tribe Immune
6 Notus Tribe Immune
7 Katherine -
8 Ikah -
9 Ikah -
10 No Vote
Mike S. Individual Immunity
11 Ryan -
12 Ben Ben
13 Eric Eric
Brandan Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Mike R.
Mike S.
Runner-up, Day 15

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