The Hitlist is a twist that featured in Survivor: Sri Lanka. It is a twist to Hidden Idols, where each castaway is given two 'targets' who must be voted out before the merge. The twist was brought in to coincide with the "Allies vs. Rivals" theme of Sri Lanka, where a pair of former allies and a pair of former rivals from past seasons returned to the game.


Each player is allocated two players who are dubbed their "targets". In Sri Lanka, one target was on their own tribe, while the other was on the opposing tribe. If all ones targets are voted out before the merge, the castaway receives a standard Hidden Immunity Idol once the tribes merge. The castaways have to make ties with the opposite tribe in order for them to vote out their targets. Due to this twist, no other idols are up for grabs pre-merge, so it is the only way the castaways are able to get a leg-up on their opposition going into a merge.

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