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Tribe Division Twists are a major twist type that dictates how the tribes are to be divided at the start of the game. Such twists have arguably the biggest impact on a season, as it sets up a scenario from which the game is played out. The first season to feature a specific tribe division twist was the color level hierarchy twist of Survivor: Fiji, and most seasons since have featured a twist that has directly modified the tribe divisions.

The use of Three-Tribe Formats and Four-Tribe Formats are also classed as tribe division twists, but have their own pages due to their more structural changes to the Survivor game, and the frequency of the three-tribe format.

The TwistsEdit

Color Level HierarchyEdit

The tribe divisions of Survivor: Fiji were based upon Tengaged color levels - the lowest levels vs. the low levels vs. the high levels vs. the highest levels. This idea tested weather or not Tengaged experience mattered the playing the game, or weather it's better to be new to have a lesser target on your back.

Generation GapEdit

This twist from Survivor: Generation Gap split the cast of returning and new players based upon which generation of the series they were representing. The "Generation One" tribe consisted of ten Gen One players who hadn't competed yet in Gen Two. The "Generation Two" tribe consisted of ten Gen Two returning players, who had only played once in the Second Generation and made it to the merge but didn't win. This created a "old breed vs. new breed" scenario, to find out which is best.

Brain vs. BeautyEdit

A new twist from Survivor: Ethiopia divided the castaways into two distinct groups. The "Brain" tribe featured players who make daring or cunning moves in order to succeed, and the "Beauty" tribe featured players who make strong relationships and/or alliances.

Tribe SelectionEdit

This twist from Survivor: Puerto Rico allows the castaways to pick their own tribes, instead of production like every other season. At the premiere, there is a special challenge held to determine tribe captains who will get to pick their own tribes.

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